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The Stamp Act Protests

The protest in images

1. Mob in Action in Boston.

What can you learn from this engraving about the composition and mood of the crowd?

Mob in Action in Boston Stamp Act Seal

2. Protestors Burn an Official’s House in Boston.

Property damage was an occasional outgrowth of crowd actions and, for the most part, it was not sanctioned by the men who lead the protests. What would led the crowd to take this extraordinary action?

Protestors Burn an Official’s House in Boston

3. Stamp Agent Hanged in Effigy.

Dummies dressed to resemble stamp agents were hanged and/or burned during some of the protests. What purpose did this serve?

Stamp Agent Hanged in Effigy

4. Stamp Act Spoon

Stamp Act Spoon made for Landon Carter (1710-1778)

Stamp Act Spoon

Source: Virginia Historical Society

5. Stamp Act Tea Pot

This teapot from Staffordshire, England commemorates the repeal of the Stamp Act. English manufacturers created such home products to regain colonial customers who had boycotted their products.

Stamp Act Tea Pot

Source: National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center

6. Affix Stamp Here

The skull and crossbones symbolized the death of the free press resulting from passage of the act

Affix Stamp Here

Source: Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser, (1765, Library of Congress.)

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