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This website offers a series of interactive laboratory modules for use in college-level introductory U.S. History. Just as science or language courses include laboratory work as an essential component of the learning experience, these history labs challenge students to "do history" by analyzing primary source materials and interpreting them for meaning

The labs were created by U.S. History faculty from across the 19 colleges of The City University of New York. For more information about using the labs, view the Instructor Resources section.

Stratford Hall Plantation, Stratford Virginia The Stamp Act Protests The constitution preamble Evangelicalism in Antebellum America
John Brown's Harpers Ferry Raid, illustration from Harper's Weekly, November 12, 1859 Thomas Nast, Emancipation, 1865. Library of Congress Filipino Soldiers, Library of Congress Election Day, 1909 cartoon
Fighting the Triangle Fire, March 25, 1911 James Grosso, The Shape Up Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963 Lyndon Johnson working the telephone. Photo from LBJ Presidential Library
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World Together, Worlds Apart: The Slave Society of Eighteenth-Century Virginia

By the middle third of the eighteenth century, plantation slavery had taken firm root in the Chesapeake colonies of Virginia and Maryland. The principal...
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